Sophia Johns

Absolutely love this speaker, I use it in the shower and it stays on the wall with no problems, and the Bluetooth connection is great. I’ve answered one call with it and the sound was clear, it was super easy to use, and the other person could hear me clearly. It looks nice too, minimal smooth design, and small. The battery life is great too!

My only problem with it is when the battery is low. The indicator for the battery dying is one of the most annoying experiences and I’m just glad that it only lasts for maybe two or so minutes before the battery finally dies. When the battery is close to dying, it starts to play the phone busy tone at a volume higher than the music, and interrupts whatever you’re listening to like every 15-20 seconds or so (guestimate). That’s my only problem with it which of course could be easily solved with charging it more often, or not letting the battery get so low, but it’s definitely annoying when it happens.

Still overall absolutely love this speaker and would definitely recommend it!