Soundbot Beanie: Musical Warmth for Outdoor Adventures

The Soundbot Beanie is a wireless Bluetooth beanie hat that lets you listen to music on the go while keeping your ears warm. With built-in headphones and a rechargeable battery, the Soundbot Beanie is the perfect winter companion for activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking and jogging.

Wireless Musical Warmth

The Soundbot Beanie has ultra-thin headphones and a microphone discreetly built into the hat that connect via Bluetooth to your phone or other device. You get up to 10 hours of wireless playtime from the rechargeable battery so you can enjoy your music for long periods outside. The headphones produce full stereo sound that remains clear even at higher volumes, letting you hear music, podcasts, audiobooks or make calls no matter the weather.

The beanie itself is made of soft, stretchy knit material that provides comfortable insulation from the cold. It has an adjustable, foldable design so you can achieve the perfect snug fit and prevent any wind getting in. The headphone parts are also fully removable when washing the beanie. ☀

Controls at Your Fingertips

In order to keep your hands warm, the Soundbot Beanie features a built-in microphone and control panel on one of the ear flaps so you can manage your audio without removing your gloves. You can activate your device’s voice assistant, change the volume, skip tracks and take calls by just touching the ear flap. The headphones also have noise-isolating ear tips to prevent ambient sound from disturbing your music.

For music lovers who don’t let cold weather keep them indoors, the Soundbot Beanie offers an innovative solution. By combining high-quality wireless headphones and a warm winter hat, the Soundbot Beanie ensures that your adventures never have to be silent. Stay cozy, stay connected and enjoy the soundtrack of your outdoor activities with the Soundbot Beanie.